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A beautiful cat deserves a beautiful legend of origin. The Sacred Cat of Burma, as the Birman is sometimes called, is said to have acquired his striking appearance through the intervention of a blue-eyed goddess, who rewarded a temple cat's love for and devotion to his priest by turning his white coat golden and changing his yellow eyes to blue Size: The Birman is a naturally medium to large cat, with both males and females averaging 10 to 12 pounds in adulthood. Coat: Long and silky Coat Color: The Birman is a pointed cat, and the CFA recognizes seal, blue, red, chocolate, cream, and tortie colors. The standard and lynx pattern points are both recognized. Eye Color: Deep blue Life Expectancy: 13 to 15 year Birman Cat Breed Information The Burmese Cat, which is known by everyone in all over the world especially in European countries, first appeared in the Myanmar region. They are smart, researcher and talkative cats. They were taken to France first and their fame spread all over the world from France. If you have a silen Birman cat. Also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, the Birman cat is an ancient breed of cat.With a striking pale coat and dark points and stunning blue eyes, the Birman is one of beauty.. The Birman is a playful but easygoing breed of cat who gets along well with people and other pets

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  1. The Birman is a long cat and can become quite large. Males are usually larger than females. They are heavily boned cats and can appear somewhat stocky in every feature. The Birman has very unusual markings. She looks like a pointed cat with four white feet (mitted) and deep blue eyes. The head is actually triangular, but the Birman has such a.
  2. The Birman is a stunning cat to look at, but it is their kind and gentle natures that has helped the breed remain one of the most popular choices with cat lovers the world over. They adore human company and are known for the way they talk to their owners which is more of a chirp than a meow. Birmans are also known to be incredibly social.
  3. The Birman Cat Club, Kittens, Birman Kittens, kittens for sale, information, Birman news, Birman club membership - established over 30 years, the largest UK cat club, beautiful colour photographs, annual show new
  4. Why buy a Birman kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Birman kittens who need a home. Meow! Why buy a Birman kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Birman kittens who need a home. Anything LookWeird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of.
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  6. e it more. The roman nose, semi long coat and the four gloved and laced feet is definitely eye candy for cat lovers

A cat of mystery and legend, the Birman is a colorpointed cat with long silky hair and four pure white feet. They are often strongly built, elongated and stocky, neither svelte nor stocky. Their distinctive head has strong jaws, firm chin, and medium length nose The Birman Cat Club of Australia was founded in 1977 by a group of people dedicated to this wonderful breed. The club is affiliated with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association of Australia, which is a member of the Coordinating Cat Council of Australia William Adams Birman Kittens is a small HOBBY breeder. We are dedicated to preserving and maintaining the health, beauty, and temperament of the Sacred Birman Cat through selective breeding to optimize the genetics. Our goal is to place kittens in forever homes The Birman is a hearty, healthy cat that does not reach full maturity until approximately 3 years of age. Because of its exceptionally sweet nature, the Birman is easy to handle and makes an ideal pet. The Birman is sociable, gentle, quiet, loving, and companionable. They love to be with people and are playful and desirous of attention The Birman Cat, or famously known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is a strikingly gorgeous cat of a lovely legend behind its beauty.These kitties are distinguished by a soft, silky coat, piercing blue eyes, and the elegant, white gloves on their paws

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Birmancatz - Birman Cat Breeders & Cattery. Click on photos for enlarged view. 2/21/17. I have been breeding birmans since the late 90's and love the birman breed. While I seldom show my cats I strive to achieve the beauty of the birman standard in my offspring as well as maintain the wonderful birman personality the breed is known for. I. National Birman Fanciers is a CFA breed club devoted to preservation of the Birman cat, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. NBF has members worldwide and publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members Birman Welfare and Rescue is one of the largest pedigree rescue organisations in the Cat Fancy and a Registered Charity. Registered Charity Number 1123174 We are proud to have been awarded the BEST RESCUE AWARD by the GCCF for a second time in May 2016. We were not allowed to enter in 2015 due to winning the previous year but were back in the. #cat #birmancat #bestfriend In this video I give you 10 facts about Birman cast: I took a look at their history, body characteristics and behavior. I was bro..

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Birman cats are medium-sized but they appear to be much bulkier because of their thick coats. Average life span. To date, the oldest Birman cat has believed to have lived up to 16 years of age with the average lifespan being 12-14 years. Details. Birman cats have always held a place of reverence and their ethereal beauty makes them more enchanting A Birman cat is semi-longhaired with darker colouring to the points, face, legs, ears and tail, and a pale toning body colour. It is a largish cat with thickset body and short legs. The Birman cat has blue eyes and four pure white feet. The front gloves covering only the feet, but the rear socks are longer The Birman is a long cat and can become quite large. Males are usually larger than females. They are heavily boned cats and can appear somewhat stocky in every feature. The Birman has very unusual markings. They look like a pointed cat with four white feet (mitted) and deep blue eyes. The head is actually triangular, but the Birman has such a. Pets4Homes found 3 Birman Cats and Kittens for sale in the UK. Read our Birman Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed. Sort By : Date Published (Newest) Date Published (Oldest) Date Created (Newest) Date Created (Oldest) Price (Lowest) Price (Highest

The Birman Cat is a low shedding, medium length haired cat which has a lovely docile but sweet natured temperament. Birman Cats resemble a Siamese cat and have similar point markings but with white feet Buy some cat toys. Your Birman cat will be a very playful kitty, so you should purchase some cat toys to use while playing with the cat. This will be a great way to encourage your cat to exercise, while also strengthening the bond between cat and owner. Try some string toys, an oversized feather on a stick, and some toy mice for your Birman cat to chase and play fetch with The Birman is a most attractive cat, exceptional to look at and very photogenic. They are a semi-long haired cat breed that are broadly similar in colour to siamese cats except that the tips of their feet are pure white If you live in Perth and you're trying to adopt a Birman kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Birman breeder. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Finding a Birman cat breeder in Perth can be difficult, but we've done all of the hard work for you. We've spent hours researching to find all of the.

If you live in Georgia and you're trying to adopt a Birman kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Birman breeder. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Finding a Birman cat breeder in Georgia can be difficult, but we've done all of the hard work for you. We've spent hours researching to find all of the. The Birman is a domestic cat breed. Also called the Sacred Cat of Burma, it is not to be confused with the Burmese, which is a separate and dissimilar breed. The Birman has medium-long hair, a pale colored body and darker points with deep blue eyes. Even though the cat is pointed, the paws have white gloves. The Birman breed was first recognized in France by the Cat Club de France in 1925.

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The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) recognized the breed in 1967, and it has been ranked in the top ten cats of the CFA registrations consistently since. Birman Cat Size and Physical Appearance. Birman cats are medium sized, weighing in at 7-12 pounds. They are most famously known for their color points, usually dark brown, and their little. The Birman Cat also at times referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma is a magical and mystical cat with soulful blue eyes and a gentle character. It is believed to be a cross-breed between the Siamese Cat and the Angora or Persian cats.They come in a variety of colors such as chocolate, red, lilac, blue, seal and cream The Birman is a popular cat breed used for domestic purposes. It's also referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma. Brief History Actually, the origin of the Birman breed is not all that clear. However, a popular historical legend maintains that the breed has its origin in Burma where temple priests domesticated several cats [ Birman Colors. Birmans are a pointed cat with white gloves and laces. They come in a variety of colors—in solid, tabby and tortie patterns. All Birmans have beautiful blue eyes. See below for examples of all of the Birman colors. Blue Point. Blue Tabby Point

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  1. The Birman is a gentle-natured yet fun-loving cat. They are very affectionate and make devoted pets. Although there may be some exceptions, a Birman would prefer to be on your lap rather than out chasing birds. They are an intelligent cat, and easily make their feelings known to their human companions
  2. The Birman is a medium-sized cat that weighs around 3 to 6 kg (6 to 12 pounds) for an adult male, with the females being a bit smaller. Profile. The Ragdoll nose has a gentle curve, while the Birman nose has a slight indentation and is roman in shape
  3. g a popular companion and family pet. Known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, they boast having extremely beautiful blue eyes and a noble look about them which is paired to a lovely semi-long, soft, silky coat and their lovely white paws
  4. The Birman is a generally well-mannered cat that is loving and affectionate with their humans, eager to be near. These gentle cats are very popular for their sweet disposition and calm personalities. Fun fact: all purebred Birmans are born entirely white

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  2. The Birman cat is a large, impressive, blue-eyed cat with a single-length plush and silky coat. The fur is of medium length with no undercoat and has less tendency to matt than double coats like those of Persians and Himalayans
  3. Browse Birman kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Birman cats are moderately active. They enjoy to snuggle as much as the next cat and enjoy playing games as well. They are not overly active or demanding but they certainly love to be with their families and loved ones
  4. The Birman is similar to the Siamese of Thailand, but he has a stockier body, white feet, and a long, silken coat that comes in all pointed colors, including chocolate and lilac. He's considered a medium- to large-sized cat, weighing between seven and 12 pounds. The Birman is a calm, affectionate feline who enjoys spending time with his family -- especially if you lavish lots of attention on.

The Birman is a creamy semi-longhaired cat with a contrasting colour on the face, ears, legs and tail. A striking feature of the cat is their brilliant sapphire blue eyes and dark mask. The feet are coloured white, giving the appearance of 'socks' on the feet. They come in a large variety of colour points Called the Sacred Cat of Burma, the Birman cat is a long-haired breed distinguished by its striking, sapphire blue eyes. In addition to the eyes, a trademark sign of a Birman cat are symmetrical white paws likened to that of gloves. It is a long and heavily-boned cat that can become fairly large. The typical Birman Cat has an overall height of 8.0-10.0 (20-25 cm) and body length of. Jul 1, 2020 - Birman cat Animals Pets . See more ideas about birman cat, pets, birman

To keep your Birman or Ragdoll cat happy, cat owners should play with them every day. Play sessions come in many forms, from hide-and-seek to utilizing toys. They are various forms of toys to pick from such as cat lasers, toy mice, plush rattle toys and cat puzzles. As mentioned, Birmans and Ragdolls love a game of fetch, so you can try and get. The Birman cat breed, also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is a medium to large, semi-longhaired, ivory-colored cat with darker color points on the ears, face, legs and tail and an overall golden sheen.Among its most distinctive features are pure white paws on all four feet called gloves, which preferably are symmetrical. Birmans also have white, v-shaped areas on the hind legs that.

The Birman cat is a medium to large cat with a strongly-built body, a round head, a Roman-shaped nose, and round, deep blue eyes. All these features come together to give this breed their spectacular look Unluckily, the male Birman could not make it while the female kitten survived and then produced a litter or Birman kittens. This was the introduction of the Birman Cat breed in the western world. Due to the war, a lot of pedigree breeds suffered and so did the Birman cat breed. After the war only two Birmans were left, Xenia Kaaba and Orloff Birman Cat Can Be Yours Very Easily. Because of the rapidly increasing interest in Birman cats, we have figured out a more user-friendly way for potential owners to be aware of an opportunity to get a sweet Birman kitten. What is that user-friendly way? It is a very easy two-step process. First, you send us a deposit of a 25 per cent of your. The Sacred Cat of Burma is a fine breed cat with a fascinating appearance. Its magnetic look, sweet expression and charming appearance are due to a rigorous standard (= description of the Birman) which makes selecting this breed very difficult The Birman cat breed made its way to the United States in the 1959 and was accepted for championship status by the CFA in 1967. The Birman cat breed is now recognized by all major associations and has continued to thrive over the years. Now, it is a well loved and well respected breed among cat fanciers

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Birman Breed History. Known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, the Birman is an ancient breed whose true origins are unknown. One legend places the first members of this breed in Burma where they were kept as temple cats at Mount Lugh. Birmans came to France in 1919, which began the establishment of the breed in Europe Birman. i. The bombay is a stunning cat the patent leather kitty with the copper penny eyes. Bombays are extremely affectionate too. Learn more. 02:30. Cats 101. Bombay. i. The Burmese cat knows the secret to aging gracefully, one in Australia lived to be 24! This cat is also known for its weight and being the Chatty Cathy of the cat.

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  2. Birman cats can prove themselves to be the best companions. Let's see in detail the personality of the Birman cat and then decide whether you both can go along or not. Birman Cat Personality. Like humans, cats have their own unique personality depending on their breed. It is essential to do some research before getting a cat. Friendl
  3. This is a long and robust cat, built on rather heavy lines. The Birman, with its striking, round, blue eyes with a gentle expression, is easily recognized by all cat fanciers. It is colorpointed, preferably with a golden cast, and wears white socks on its paws. (Curiously, the cat is pure white at birth but develops color later in life.
  4. Birman cats Australia. Contact us. President: Janet Doust. Secretary: Michelle Grayson. mishgr@gmail.co

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Am - This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.; Angel-Traditionally, angels dress in Birman, and your cat just might fit the namesake.Bianca- It means Birman in Spanish. China-This one is ideal when your cat reminds you of fine china.Crystal- This is a lovely name that evokes human qualities and, of course, brings to mind the precious stone The Legend of the Birman Cat - The Sacred Cat of Burma. Long ago before the time of Buddha there was a temple in Burma where one hundred pure white cats resided. These white cats all had yellow eyes. The temple was known as the sacred Khmer temple and was located on Mount Lunh in Burma Adult and retired birman cats need a place to call home! Click here to view all available cats for sale from Birmancatz Cattery in Houston, TX

I have a 2 year old Seal Point Birman named Jjnxy. I also have a 20 year old calico and 12 year old black cat, all females. I thought my calico was the best cat ever, but Jinxy is an amazing animal The Birman is also known as the Sacred Cat of Birma. They are a statuesque, regal cat with a beautiful, flowing, silky coat and an equally beautiful and docile temperament to match it. For those looking for a cat that adapts easily to circumstances and is ideal for families with children and other pets, the Birman can be a perfect choice Birman Cat Fine Art Print, Brown Tan Watercolor Painting Art, Cat modern wall Art Print Giclee Museum Quality Archival Cat Print CanotStopPrints. From shop CanotStopPrints. 5 out of 5 stars (883) 883 reviews $ 17.80. Favorite Add to Birman Cat Silver Pewter Pin Badge GiftsFromCornwall.

The Birman is more than just a beautiful cat - It is a cat with both a history and a legend. Many people do not realise that the Birman has been around for centuries as the Sacred Temple Cat of Burma. Learn More. Let's Connect. SinhSoul Birmans Deborah & Jackie Powell 903-889-244 Birman Kittens for Sale. Registered Birman Cat Breeders Australia Kittens for Sale Related Links: Birman Cat Breed Profile Birman Cat Pictures: Please note, Australian listings are in alphabetical order according to state. ACT, NSW, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australi The Birman Cat, which is considered as the 'sacred cat of Burma', was actually developed in France.Unlike most other long-hair breeds, the long coat hair of this cat is standing pointed, and not lying loosely over its body. The hair is light-colored with a gold hue, with all the four feet having white gloves, and white laces at the back of their hind feet

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Birman cats breeder in Maryland area. Thank you for visiting our website. This is a special place where we can share the joy of owning and breeding Birman cats The Birman cat is also called the sacred cat of Burma due to the legend that states they were worshiped by Buddhist monks.There are different stories regarding their origin. One of them states that these cats' origin begins with a Wong Mau cat, a chocolate-colored cat that arrived from Burma on a boat between 1920 and 1930 Birman Cat Characteristics credit:goodfon.com. The Birman is a medium-sized color pointed cat with long silky hair and white feet. This strikingly handsome breed with colored points (face, legs, and tail) and sapphire blue eyes is still relatively uncommon

The Birman cat temperament is calm, sweet, and well-mannered. It is easy to handle and loves attention. As such, it is a popular feline among cat fanciers in various parts of the planet. It likes being around its owners and is very friendly. It is known to get along with other pets, be they canine or fellow feline The Birman is sometimes called The Sacred Cat of Burma. This breed is said to have gotten his beautiful looks from a blue-eyed goddess. According to legends, the goddess rewarded a temple cat for the love and devotion he gave his priest. The goddess turned the cat's white coat golden and his yellow eyes blue

Birman cat, also known as a sacred cat of Burma, is an ancient breed originated from Burma. With an impressive fluffy coat, characteristic coat pattern and sapphire eyes, Birman cat has some very striking look. Sweet-natured, affectionated and easy to handle, the Birman cat makes for an ideal family pet and a wonderful companion Like many cat breeds, the Birman has a romantic origin story. According to legend, the feline is descended from a temple cat that belonged to a priest in ancient Burma (known today as Myanmar)

The Birman cat is believed to have originated in Burma, where it was considered sacred, the companion cat of the Kittah priests. The arrival of the Birman in Europe began in 1919 with two Englishmen, Major Gordon Russell and August Pavie, who were living in France at the time Birman or British shorthair kitten / cat wanted . Harrow, North West London. £450 . 25 years of experience as a cat owner. I have been a cat owner, foster-carer and have personally rescued and re-homed 100's of cats. Due to starting my own... pets4homes.co.uk . Report. 30+ days ago Birman Cats and Lap Cats. As more and more cat breeds have emerged based on the desires of pet owners for more variety and specific traits, the scale of cats that can be had as a pet has grown immensely Home Queens Kings Kittens Birman Info Purchase Info Shows Gallery Retired Links. Hello, we are Pam and Phil Soth, life-long cat lovers. Welcome to Quailridge Birmans, a CFA & TICA registered small cattery located in Warren Oregon. Warren is about 30 minutes drive Northwest of Portland. When we started Quailridge Birmans in 2003, we lived in the.

The Birman is a smart cat and, of course, curious. He likes to explore his environment and has been known to get trapped underneath floors that are being replaced or to accidentally (maybe on purpose) go for a ride on top of a car. It's a good idea to always keep tabs on where he is #92665624 - Purebred long-haired birman cat with blue eyes, dark markings.. Vector. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #128182538 - 16 hand drawn lettering with breeds in cats silhouettes. Vector.. Vector. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #91831631 - Young smiling woman lying on the sofa and cuddling a cute kitten.

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  1. The Birman, Ragdoll and Associated Breeds Club Inc. was founded in Melbourne Victoria, on 30th April, 1983 as a Society for the Appreciation and Advancement of the Sacred Cat of Burma - then known as The Birman Society. The founding members were Lesley Freemann, Kevin Rock, Trish and John Newman. As of 3rd December 2014 Our Club has a new name
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  3. Voijer Bimans: Our Cats are Out of this World! Voijer is a small cattery located in northern N.J. We saw our first Birman at a cat show many years ago. At that time I was looking for a pet and it wasn't? until 1994 that I began to look for a Birman female for showing and breeding
  4. Birman Cat History. True to their mysterious reputation, little is known about how the Birman Breed came about. What we do know is that this breed appeared fairly recently in Europe, with the breed originating in France

The Birman cat is a strong cat with compact body, strong legs and large round paws. Birman cat is very mild-mannered and very intelligent. Her hair doesn't have that fluffy texture like Himalayan cats have but is more silky - similar to that of the Turkish Angora cats in length and texture The Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club runs a very busy Birman Rescue and Welfare service, with four rescue homes in the UK for Birmans under our care. Many of the Birmans we care for need rehoming due to unfortunate circumstances, such as their owners dying, or not being able to care for them properly A Birman cat is large and stocky, with a silky coat and semi-long hair. The medium length hair of Birman cats are not prone to matting, but regular grooming is sufficient. The coat is either golden or egg shell color, and they have certain recognized color points too. These points include the face, ears, feet, and the tail The Birman is a cat that likes a good blend of activity and relaxation. It is a very docile cat, but at the same time, it is also extremely curious. This cat loves to explore its environment, and can get into some pretty tricky situations if you don't cat-proof your home Birman Cat Breed Information. The Birman has a semi cobby body with rather small ears and a Roman nose. For the Birman to comply with breed standers it must have an eggshell or golden colour with markings that can be pure seal, cream, lilac, chocolate, blue or red

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The Birman (also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma) is one of the most attractive and popular cat breeds among American families.The Birman is said to be an ancient cat breed, originating from temples in Burma, hence these cats give off a sacred vibe. With their friendly and obedient nature, Birmans are great choices for families with children, the elderly and other pets This is so we can offer help and advice, enabling our homeless Birman's to settle into their new homes as quickly and comfortably as possible. We ask for a minimum donation of £125 per cat to the Charity for each cat adopted, younger cats and kittens will be more. A lower donation will be accepted for older cats

Birman Cat Clubs. The Birman Cat Club (UK) . Founded in 1969 so very well established. The South and Southwest Birman Cat Club where Birmans come first (and they mean this). Located in the UK. Formed 1999 and affiliated to the GCCF. Next some birman kittens for sale. Here is a short list of breeders Birman cat. January 23, 2018. Originating from Burma, the Birman cat is a fantastic family pet. Known for their striking blue eyes, these cute cats also possess a docile yet affectionate personality. Birman cats are the kind of friend that will be interested in everything you do and want to be close to you. They are likely to follow you around. However, Birman cats were almost wiped out as a breed during World War II and were heavily outcrossed with long-hair breeds (mainly Persians) and also Siamese lines to rebuild the breed. By the early 1950s, pure Birman cat litters were once again being produced. The restored breed was recognised in Britain in 1965. Personality. Playful and. The Birman cat was later on introduced to the world by France. There are a number of different theories regarding how the cat reached France, popular one being that of the cat being smuggled out of Burma. The Birman cat is a medium sized, intelligent species of cat which is very loving and friendly. Strong and sturdy in appearance, Birman cats.

Beautiful blue eye birman kitten (SOPHIE ) - YouTubeHigh-pitched sounds cause seizures in old catsCat Breeds That Get Along With DogsDifferent Cat Breeds & Types of Cats

The Birman cat breed is a medium to large sized feline that happens to be quite playful and active. This means that it will require food that provides it with sufficient energy. Feeding it high-quality cat food is the best way to ensure it gets all the energy it needs. High-quality cat food is one that has meat (and NOT meat by-products) listed. A Birman cat is a domestic cat breed with long hair and deep blue eyes. It has brown near it's face and has white on the rest of its body. Birman cats have been associated with many clubs and organizations. Health. Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a common problem seen in cats, and is a threat to Birman cats too Male Birman Cat Names Coco Luciano Romeo Foxy Astro Damario Conan Tomahawk Momo Vidal Case Lucky Aaron Blade Toby Buddy Female Birman Cat Names Betty Molly Poppy Emily Belle Angela Alison Chloe Sandy Kira Angel Emma. Menu. The Paws . Search. Search for: Search. Menu. The Paws . Search. Search for: Search. in Names. 30+ Best Birman Cat Names.

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